Outsource your production


At Laboratoires Chemineau, we are known for the variety and quantity of our machinery. This means we can meet all your industrial needs across liquid, semi-solid, spray and aerosol formats, in medium and large volumes.

Whether you need support with industrial transposition, production transfer, industrial optimisation or value creation, our teams are here to help.


Laboratoires Chemineau offers a wide range of manufacturing and packaging technologies for liquid, semi-solid, spray and aerosol formats. Our expertise means we can produce the most innovative and demanding galenics: preservative-free, nano-emulsions, advanced lipid-based formulations, etc. We can also offer different types of packaging: standard, unique and eco-designed.

  • Standard sprays and aerosols: throat, nose, topical, hygiene, mass market, etc.
    • Dosed sprays: 20ml to 40ml
    • BOV aerosols: 40ml to 150ml
    • BIP and DME aerosols: 40ml to 100ml
    • Plastic bottles, eco-designs, glass and airless
  • No-contamination sprays and aerosols
    • Dosed sprays: 20ml to 40ml
    • BOV aerosols: 40ml to 150ml
  • Non-sterile liquids: solutions, emulsions, suspensions
    • Bottles: 30ml to 5L
    • Drops
    • Plastic bottles, eco-designs, glass and airless
  • Semi-solids: gels, creams, pastes
    • Aluminium tubes: 2g to 135g
    • Plastic and aluminoplastic tubes: 2ml to 150ml
  • Liquid and semi-solid highly active substances
  • ATEX workshop

For what kinds of products is no-contamination manufacturing used?

The no-contamination process is available for BOV aerosols and dosed sprays. It removes the need for final radio-decontamination by ensuring “zero” contamination across the industrial process. This process suits preservative-free products, where radio-decontamination can affect packaging functionality and formula stability.


We are aware of what is at stake with Factory 4.0, Our tools can monitor production needs and parameters in real time : electronic document management (EDM) providing real-time information at production sites; quality parameter management using a QMS (ENNOV) linked to the ERP to manage batch dossiers.



To benefit our clients, our quality management system adapts to the increasingly complex legal and regulatory provisions issued by authorities. These stipulations change regularly to promote greater safety and performance.

To increase our understanding and help our clients, some of our staff are involved in industry working groups. For example, our Regulatory Manager is Chair of the Nitrosamine Commission run by the SFSTP (Société Française des Sciences et Techniques Pharmaceutiques).