Laboratoires Chemineau : renowned expertise supporting innovation

Chemineau offers end to-end CDMO services for pharmaceutical and healthcare products in liquid, semi-solid, spray and aerosol. We provide robust and long-standing expertise in the development of drugs, medical devices and food supplements for oral or topical route.

Amongst our areas of expertise, innovative formulation approaches such as:

  • Preservative-free formulae for nasal drugs, targeting for instance specific sites of nasal cavities for nose to brain delivery of small molecules and biologics
  • Gelation mechanism like microgel or microemulsion
  • Pioneering drug delivery techniques to control skin penetration of actives for :
    • Bioavailability enhancement and improved efficacy
    • Faster onset of action
    • Resolution of stability issues and extension of shelf-life
    • Sustained release or delayed effect for better patient compliance.

Any development or innovation pathway is conceivable. We adapt to your needs, no matter your project’s level of maturity or complexity.